Air Quality Testing

What is an AQT and why would I need it?
An AQT (Air Quality Test) is a way of sampling air in your home and outside of your home to find the abnormal mold and spore growth in your home.

If you ever feel like there may be mold growing in your home, areas that have been saturated in water for a long time, or odd smells you can’t find the source of an AQT can be a great way to see if there is mold growing in your home.

“As stated by HomeAdvisor”

“What Does an Environmental Air Quality Test Include? Tests to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards include those for VOCs, CO2, and formaldehyde. They may also sample for biological factors like mold and allergens, particulates and other gases like radon.”

“These tests help to show what potential particles are roaming in your home or office that shouldn’t be there.”

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